About the Breeder

Breeder: Emma Burke

MDBA Membership No. 13119

Location: South Australia

In 2013 my partner and I decided it was time to add a child to our family, and by child I mean dog.  We did our research on different breeds, their temperaments, grooming, feeding and exercising needs.  We wanted to ensure that the breed would match our lifestyle and that the dog would be getting the lifestyle that it needed.  After much research we decided that a British Bulldog was the breed for us.  


Then came the almost impossible task of finding a good breeder.  We had read about all the issues British Bulldogs can have and were anxious to find a breeder that we felt loved the breed, treated their dogs like children and truly cared about raising healthy dogs.  It turned out to be a very long, frustrating, and stressful process that lasted over a year before I was lucky enough to find a genuine, caring breeder and Pippin came into our lives, stealing our hearts and our beds.

In 2016 we added a second puppy to our home, the beautiful Merri, (see Breeding Dogs), and our little hobbit duo started to become quite famous as they strutted their stuff down the street, breaking the hearts of everyone they met.  This breed is truly like no other, everyone loves a bulldog, everyone wants a bulldog, but the constant question we got asked was, 'They have a lot of health issues don't they?' -the answer, 'Ours don't!'

It was this that made me decide to become a breeder to show people how healthy and active British Bulldogs can be, to help remove the stigma from the breed, and to take the fear out of buying one of these beautiful dogs.  The aim of Colourbulls is to breed healthy, happy bulldogs that better the breed for years to come.

My girls live inside, sleep on my bed, eat human grade home made food and have plenty of physical and mental stimulation and socialisation.  Most of all they have our constant love.  As a breeder I want to educate future buyers that it is a privilege to own these special little beings, that they are not buying a dog, they are adopting a child.

If you have always wanted a British Bulldog but finding the right breeder has always seemed too hard and scary, then hopefully the information you find on my page will make the process a lot easier and more reassuring for you.

The Dowager Aunt
Pippin was our first British Bulldog  bought on a limited register and is desexed, therefore not part of our breeding program.  However since she started our love affair with the breed I couldn't leave this page without giving her an honourable mention.
Therefore she has been given the title of The Dowager Aunt, as I'm sure she will oversee the care and raising of future pups like the dignified older relative that she is.