Adoption Questionnaire

Thank you for your application to adopt one of my beautiful British Bulldogs.  Step 1 of the adoption process is completing and submitting the below questionnaire.  The questionnaire helps me to get to know you and the household environment you are able to offer a British Bulldog.  The more detail you provide the better I will be able to determine if a British Bulldog will suit your lifestyle and household.

Adopting a British Bulldog is a big commitment as you will be responsible for the health and well-being of this precious little life for up to 10 years (hopefully longer).  Please consider your current and potential future lifestyle decisions and how this might impact your ability to keep and care for a British Bulldog.

An Adoption Questionnaire can be submitted at any time even when there is no litter currently on offer.  The questionnaire is an initial screening process designed to start a dialogue between the breeder and potential bulldog parents, I may have further questions for you after it has been assessed.  You will be advised if your application has been successful and if successful you will be added to a wait list and advised when it is your turn to choose a puppy from any available litters.  If you are not ready to adopt a puppy or do not want to choose a puppy from a current litter you will retain your position on the wait list and be given the option of choosing from future litters.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire and I look forward to talking with you further.

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