Breeding Dogs

Colourbulls owns all the dams (females) in its breeding program and buys the sire (male) semen from registered British Bulldogs that have been health screened and DNA matched to the dams to help ensure healthy, happy puppies.

Colourbull dams are not bred until at least their second heat to ensure they are old enough and healthy enough to undertake breeding.  Colourbull dams have a maximum of three litters in their life this ensures they are not over bred (no puppy mills here thank you!).  After their third successful litter all Colourbull dams are retired to live in the luxurious and pampered lifestyles they deserve.  It is the intention of Colourbulls to keep all dams for their entire life time, they are my girls, my children, my life.

Colourbull dams are primarily chosen for their temperament, health and physique.  The fact that they are also gorgeous is just a bonus!


DOB: 2 January 2016

Colour: Tri coloured - black and white with tan points

Height: 40 cms

Weight: 22 kgs

Registered Name: Diesella Phat Bottom Girl

Meet the Matriarch of the Colourbulls, Merri (named after the Lord of The Rings hobbit).

Merri will be our first breeding dam and was chosen as an excellent example of an extremely fit and healthy British Bulldog.  

Temperament: Cheeky, sassy, playful, curious, intelligent (good at problem solving), affectionate, loves to snuggle.

General health: Merri is extremely fit and agile, loves to run and jump, is very fast when she wants to be.  Most importantly her breathing is clear and unrestricted even when panting.

Physique: Well developed chest, straight legs and back, large nose rope, well developed head, short straight tail (not corkscrewed).

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